Four Ingredients: Fun, Ideas, Innovation, & Community

Last week we attended an ‘Alberta Beer Girls’ event themed: Four Ingredients of Beer … so, we showed up representing ‘Hops’ of course! The evening was fun with beautiful table decorations, welcoming setting and snacks not to mention amazing tasting of beers from event hosters, the Yellowhead Brewery. We felt like Rock Stars as we sat on the discussion panel with Red Shed Malters (representing the ‘Malt barley’ ingredient of beer) and the Yellowhead brewer (representing the ‘House Yeast’!) responding to questions from the crowd of incredibly knowledgeable and curious woman.

The evening reminded us what we love about what we do at Northern Girls hopyard. We love fun, we feast on knowledge, we seek out doing new and challenging things or innovations and, best of all, we love being part of a community. Thank you to the Alberta Beer Girls for welcoming us! We had a great time.

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