Our Wild Floral

Windhover Floral at Climate Conference

Floral is one of the things we love best on the farm. Hop floral has been a seasonal offer every year at Windhover Farm, Home of the Northern Girls Hopyard. We love the dense green cone wreaths of harvest time that bring their tradition of abundance for the year to come into homes and breweries in the fall.

Hitting closest to our hearts and the children in us is the Wild Floral we are privileged to provide when requested.

Foraging for native floral at Windhover Farm.

Beginning as little children we learn to live with the forest. What we learned then by experience is, what we understand as adults, a long lesson in observing and knowing-by-working-with the interconnection of an ecosystem, the forest and all its plants and creatures including ourselves.

The wild floral displayed at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change pre-conference workshop for the Cities and Climate Science Conference this week (March 2018) have been gathered from the parkland boreal forests on Windhover Farm. The plants and mosses are gifts of the boreal climate. They sat centre-of-table to join their voices with the human discussants working on this important issue. To us they speak of awe, inspiration, and in the context of the Climate Conference, also purpose . We hope everyone viewing a wild bouquet from the farm enjoys loosing themselves for a moment in the beauty of field and forest gifts.


Respecting Honouring Stewarding Plant Diversity



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